Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Your Declaration

We accept only on the basis of the following terms and conditions for all booking to our program. You, all members of your party and Chinagmai Elephant Home are bound by them.

You MUST agree to the following declaration shown during the booking process, so we can process your booking.
“I confirm that the above details are correct and I agree to your Terms and Conditions”

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations & requirements of the users, the website and website owners. You can find more detail the way this website processes, stores and protects user data and information within this Privacy Policy.

General Conditions

Chiang Mai Elephant Home makes no guarantees that visitor positions, day visits and overnight trips will proceed as described within our website (or in any other description of events, timetable, or schedule) depending on local conditions, emergencies, and animal behavior any given day.

We reserve the right to cancel or re-book your reservation in the event of any natural, political, or other unforeseen act over which we have no control.

Chiang Mai Elephant Home safety rules apply to staffs and visitors and advise to visitors by their guides.

We reserve the right to refuse service and terminate any visitors booking with us, prior to arrival or during your time with us, without refund, should any of these conditions be ignored and/or disregarded, intentionally or not.

Visitors and Volunteers are responsible for any loss and/or damage to their property. And you cannot claim the damages in any eventuality.

All media recordings (e.g. photographs, audio, video) taken at any Chiang Mai Elephant Home remain the commercial property of Chiang Mai Elephant Home, and any distribution or resale of such recordings require the written consent from Chiang Mai Elephant Home.

All visitors to Chiang Mai Elephant Home accept they are solely responsible for their own health, safety and belongings and those they fully understand and accept the conditions outlined above.


We provide simple, clean accommodation for overnight visits and volunteers. Our accommodation is organic and we appreciate your understanding of this. If your visit includes accommodation, it books on the condition that you may not expect any form of luxury or private bathrooms although in certain circumstance they may be available.

Pricing; adults, children and infants

  • Adult rates appear on each program page and apply to anyone 10 years old or over.
  • Child rates appear on each program page and apply to children under 10 years old (4 – 9 yrs).
  • Infants and kids under 4 years old occupying a seat will be NO charged.

The payments are making in full when booking.


All online booking will be process via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

We accept payments through PayPal. When processing payments, we will pass some of your data to PayPal. Including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and billing information. Please see the PayPal Privacy Policy for more details.

Permitted Changes to your Booking 

There are no fees for changing the date, but please inform us at least 48 hours in advance. Please note that you cannot change the date of your visit due to poor weather conditions. Because Chinagmai Elephant Home will remain operational despite rain and other mild weather conditions.

You may change your program. Please provided you information to us at least 48 hours prior to the date of your visit. By contact us via email at CmElephanthome@gmail.com. To discuss your desired changes, and we will inform of if there is a difference in price or cancellation fee will apply before re book the new program.

Leaving early or changing the duration of your stay does not entitle you to any rebate or refund for unused time.

However you may change the departure date or program based on availability only. And some programs are nonrefundable, please send us an email for further detail.

Cancellation Policy, No-Show Fees 

  • If cancellations are made 30 days prior to the start date of the trip, a full refund will be made. But you still need to pay 500 Baht for processing fee.
  • If cancellations are made within 10-29 days before the start date of the trip, 1000 baht per person will be charged as cancellation fee.
  • And If cancellations are made within 2-9 days before the start date of the trip
    • 1000 baht per person will be charged as cancellation fee for half day programs
    • 50% of booking amount will be charged as cancellation fee for other programs

However you may change the departure date or program based on availability.

  • If cancellations are made 24 hours prior to the start date of the trip, 100% of the booking amount will be charged as cancellation fee.
  • For No-Show, 100% of the booking amount will be charged as a no-show fees.

Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days via your PayPal account or credit card not in cash.

Contact information

If you have any questions about terms and conditions, please contact Chiang Mai Elephant Home at info@chiangmaielephanthome.com

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