Hello and welcome to Chiangmai Elephant Home

Our teams at Chiangmai Elephant Home are part of an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project, located in a village close to Chiang Mai surrounded by mountains and a national park nearby. We have talked with the elephant carers (Mahout) and invited them to join our project. Our special project purpose to take the chain and saddle off of the elephants, like some projects of Elephants nature park. They are our inspiration. All elephants care takers and owner agree to take a saddle off which is a good sign and good start for the elephant welfare here. No more being ridden and treat them with respect. We try to do all the best we can for the elephants, elephants care takers, elephants owner and community here.


At Chiang Mai Elephant home, our visitors can observe or participate with the elephants in nature. Even more better that you can walk, feed, bath and play with them close up.

We aim to provide a better life for the elephants. By providing them a safe, loving and secure environment for them to roam free in a natural environment. Moreover we build trust and love between the elephants and humans by showing the love, respect and care in different way. We provide enough food for them each day. Besides that we also plant banana, corn, hay etc., our agricultural products are bought from the local community. We work hard to get a balance offering a worthy experience to our visitors. And sharing our love for the elephants, elephant care takers, environment and community.




You are in Chiang Mai for just a few days and want to get the maxium out of your holiday, we offer special programs, starting with half day tours, up to a 3 days and 2 nights program. If you still not find what you are looking for, our stuff is happy to help you to book a special tour, personalized just for you. So you can enjoy your time in the north of Thailand.


Elephant welfare is important to us and it is one of our main goals. With the money that we raise from visitors and donations, we can feed them, provide veterinary care and land for a secure environment. You can ensure that the elephants here have an excellent way of life. With your support, we can provide jobs to hill tribes and local people so they can support their families. Finally improve the quality of their life as well as the community. Some of the money is earmarked to compensate local owners of elephants to let us continue caring for them, instead of making the elephants work. Funds raised are used to maintain the sanctuary and invested for upcoming projects. 

So in the future we will have our land, rescue more elephants and ensure elephants can be free and live happily forever in their home.